About drkbugs

What is drkbugs?

It is my self-appointed nickname to begin with. It is the name I use for most of my public social network accounts. And it’s this website name too. We can say drkbugs is a blog about software engineering.

About the media in my channels.

About me

I’ve been programming since 1988 and I’m not bored yet. My name is Leandro Fernandez. I work for Roche. All opinions expressed here and in my social networking accounts are my own and do not necessarily represent the position of my employer.

Ancient history

This web site started in 2002 and was named DRK Software. It was the home of a small group of applications (mostly Windows utilities). There was a Linux process controller for stopping programs out of control. A small windows application for cleaning up web browsers cache in the times such feature did not exist or wasn’t accessible enough.

At some point DRK Software became Open Source software for Windows. With three outstanding Open Source Software projects: DRKSpider which is a web site link checker for Windows®; TCP/IP Builder, a Windows Socket testing tool, and Daphne which is a small application able to kill windows process, controlling windows visibility and much more. Even when this tools started as normal users needs, they have become development tools. Beside these utilities, other items like C++ source code, technology videos, technical articles, and even photos were added.

After ten years of dedication my ability to maintain the projects decreased due to professional work taking most of my time. I kept the site alive but there were few to no updates.

At the time of writing this paragraph I decided to migrate the site from a custom PHP application to Hugo to make it static. With this only some of the original pages will be stay and hopefully this site will be recycled into something that is yet to be defined.