DRKSpiderJava 0.5

The application:

DRKSpiderJava website crawler

DRKSpider will navigate a web site from a given URL, checking internal (and external) links, style sheets, images and other files. Broken links will be reported and the sitemap displayed in a tree control. It's more than just a link checker. You will be able to export the sitemap to a plain text file for submitting to Google, Yahoo and other search engines.
DRKSpider is a free open source software, which means you can use it, modify it and distribute it to your friends, freely.

As the web evolved in the last few years, websites structure are much more complicated today. DRKSpider field shortened a lot and it's development stoped. The previous DRKSpider Windows version has been discontinued. Most of its features are being implemented in the Java multiplatform version now.


DRKSpiderJava includes SEO oriented data.

What's new:


The project:

DRKSpider is a sitemap generator and link checker and it's a free open source software. It is written in C++ using MS Visual Studio 2008 and it's an MFC based application.

Any comments, feedback or questions are welcome: Feedback form.

Download binary distribution:

DRKSpiderJava.zip - 999.2 kBytes - April 22, 2014

DRKSpiderJavaSrc.7z - 908.9 kBytes - April 22, 2014

Old C++ version 3.2:

DRKSpider_setup.exe - 1.1 MBytes - August 26, 2013

DRKSpider-src.7z - 80.1 kBytes - August 26, 2013


DRKSpider is licensed under the GNU General Public License

SWFRIP add-in is published under the GNU General Public License
ZLIB library is published under a propietary license

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