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DRK web site started in 2002, being at that time the home of a small group of programmes (mostly Windows utilities). There was a Linux process controller for stopping programs out of control. And another useful tools for Windows users, its main purpose was cleaning up the Internet Explorer cache. These utilities are discontinued now; in the case of NoCache, it went useless as Firefox came into scene.

With the time, DRK Software became DRK Open Source Software. Remaining software under development went open source and I decided call them projects.

Today you will find three Free Open Source Software projects here, DRKSpider which is a web site link checker for Windows®; TCP/IP Builder, a Windows Socket testing tool, and some time ago I added a new project named Daphne which is a small application able to kill windows process, controlling windows visibility and much more. Even when this tools' features started as normal users' needs, they have become development tools. Beside these utilities, other items like C++ source code, technology videos, technical articles, and even photos were added. The last document added to the site is a step-by-step introduction to GDB in Spanish.

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