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First months of 2012

I started coding DRKCoins catalog because I was unable to get a free solution for maintaining my own coin collection. I looked for an open source solution (web based or standalone) and there were just a few. Most of them were abandoned and lack some basic features. And I ended coding my own tool.

As soon as I started coding I registered in a forum dedicated to numismatic discussion (at coincommunity.com). And I thought it would be a good idea sharing my project there. But I was wrong. As soon as I posted about this project and added a link to a beta version online, the entire topic was removed. A moderator considered I was advertising my site by posting this demo there. In fact there was a rule about posting links. But then a created a new topic with no link in it. Making clear there wasn't going to be another link in the future. And that second topic got removed too. When I asked they told me "The second topic was removed, I suspect, because its title and content still looked like an attempt by you to advertise your site".

I decided to stop posting there about this tool because explaining what open source is about seems to be too much for those moderators :) And use that time in coding for make this project grow.


This project was abandoned as it was my own coin collection for a while. During february I started working on it again and decided to change the underlying idea. In the short term at least, it won't be open source. I'm currently working for supporting multiple users on the same database. The coin types and other data as countries, denominations and such will be common for all users. Every user is going to own it's coins on the database.


DRKCoins catalog lets you list existing coins and the add the coins you own for each given coin. For example you can enter all existing US Lincoln 1 cent coins and then enter every cent you own with its grade and location in your collection.



DRKCoins is a service in beta stage, use at your own risk:

  1. Will I have to pay for DRKCoins?
    Not right now. It's available for free.
  2. Will DRK provide it as a service?
    Yes. A free beta service.
  3. Is DRK going to ask for money (in any way) to DRKCoins' users?
    Since DRKCoins has become a service, we might have to charge a fee in the future for supporting costs. In the meantime, you are welcome to contribute with DRK if you wish.
  4. Can I download the code?
    Not right now. It could be published as open-source in the future.


You can take a look to the DRKCoins catalog demo version. Log in with guest user and demodrk password. This user has read only permission for the list of coin types (existing coins) and the actual coins in the collection.
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