Leandro Fernandez

What am I doing now?

As you can see if you go around the download sections for the tools here. I have stopped updating them around 20016. But long before that the maintenance was scarced. I'm writting this on 2020. A lot happened during this 18 years. The world changed. Technology changed and most of the tools here have gone less useful if not useless. And eventually I lost interest. I kept the site live because some people still benefit from them. Even though I do not have time to add new features.

I just added SSL today. It was about time I did it.

Today I'm focused in growing my YouTube channel drkbugs. Where I publish content in Spanish only.

Why did I start publishing open source software?

Well, I guess some day in 2002 I decided it was worth to return the world the little knowledge I had got from it, so far. Then I started making software for sharing with just anyone. At first it was a couple of (somewhat useful) tools for Windows written in C++ using MFC. Some years later I reached the conclusion it would be better to open the source code —so I did it. The hard part was depuring and documenting the original sources. It was a mess, but I did my best for making it readable.

Why I have not used an open source network?

There was a lot of open source supporting sites at that time, but most of them were not promoting any software running over Windows. I took two major decisions then: to start my own website and to support open source software for Windows.