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It's registered as a backdoor vulnerability which may be installed for malicious purposes by an attacker allowing access to your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data.
Remove this process as soon as possible.

If you delete this process, it comes back as zombie. After restarting your computer it will come back and keep coming back. Not ease to remove.
Contributed by Andrew.
7% risky
Security risk is 7 of 9
✓ Validated


is the Windows system pool for print and fax jobs. This service is responsible for managing the print job order and progress.
0% risky
Security risk is 0 of 9
✓ Validated

NOTE: A malicious programmer can use any name for a process. This description is valid as long as the process runnning in your computer isn't corrupted nor is a commond process name placed in a different location. Please read more about this for your own protection.


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