Configure Iceweasel printer margin [Linux/Debian]

It happend to me, while printing from Iceweasel (Firefox) over Ubuntu and Debian, that printer margin are unable to be changed from the graphic user interface. There is no dialog nor menu item leading to this options. And no matter what the operating system settins were, all printed pages had a half an inch margin per side.

After fighting against this problem in more than one opportunity, and after searching Google for a work around, I gave up. Until the time came when I needed to solve it in my job. No chance to resign that time.

Lucky me, I just went to "about:config" handler and started looking for a setting there. After being accepted the warning about manual configuration, used the "printer" keyword in the filter. Then I found a set of options named 'print.printer_HP_LaserJet_1018.print_margin_bottom', ...print_margin_top, ...print_margin_left, and ...print_margin_right. All of them having 0.5 as default value.

As soon as I changed them to lower values I tried printing, this time with the satisfaction of having margins smaller than 1/2 inch.

If you are using this article to configure your printer, please take into account there is a set of options starting with "print.printer_...." for every printer plugged into the machine or detected over the network. Which allows for different settings on each device. And requires you to modify the corresponding set.

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